Exterior Siding

Stone Siding

Stone siding dramatically improves the appearance and value of any home.

        - Many many variety in shapes, sizes, textures and colors

        - Decades of maintenance free siding compared to just years with other siding

        - Stone has a look that never goes out of style

        - Shapes and styles can be combined into nearly unlimited patterns

        - Compared with other sidings, Stone over the life of your home is comparable
          in price to other options

Brick Siding

Like Stone, a Brick exterior will dramatically improves the appearance and value of all homes.

It too can be ordered in a variety of colors, is maintenance free, never diminishes in style,

can be combined into a variety of patterns and is comparable in price over the life of your home.

Exterior Walls

Use the beauty and richness of Brick & Stone to design your outdoor spaces in a way to bring the outside in.  Many of our customers have used Brick & Stone exterior walls to:

      - Extend their stone or brick siding into a landscaping design

      - Add dramatic style or flare to their main entrance or another area of the yard

      - Build in a stone or brick external fireplace or Bar-B-Que grill or firepit

      - Create a stunning backdrop for a planned central focal point

      - Create a beautiful retaining wall

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