Field Stone
We have a wide selection of Field Stone from the leading manufacturers in a variety of colors and sizes.
  Ledger Stone
Ledger Stone is a popular choice that stands the test of time.  Combine Ledger Stone with Field Stone for more interest.
Our selection and combination of brick is nearly limitless.  Use the beauty and quality of brick for your next project and turn your home into a timeless masterpiece.


Whether you are installing a new fireplace or redoing your old fireplace, designing an interior room or renovating your exterior siding, Chateau Stone & Brick can help you.  Let our years of experience in these projects guide you.  Our artisans and designers will help you pick the right stone or brick to compliment your surroundings while fitting your budget.  Click on the pictures below to take a closer look at some our work in these areas.
Interior Walls
Exterior Fireplaces & Walls
Exterior Siding
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